Open Store

Open Store, adaptative e-commerce

Rich in its many features, Open Store is a user-friendly e-commerce solution, easy to set up and configure. You get all the tools you need to create, sell and develop.

Open Source and free

Open Store is open code and free. You can modify, share and edit it for your project.

Integrated CMS

All in one CMS + E-Commerce solution using the DNN platform

Fully localized

Open Store is made to work worldwide and all its functionalities are localized.

Templating system

Fully customizable e-commerce with System and Portal level templates.

AJAX product list

Optional AJAX driven product list for faster rendering and filtering features.

Advanced SEO

Meta tags optimisation and advanced SEO features. Structured Data Markup and Open Graph.

100% Mobile

Natively fully responsive front and back end, easy to use on any device.


Payment gateways, shipping methods, special product features... Built your store with your own requirements.

Create your online shop

Create a personalized boutique with an attractive design tailored to your business, which will put your products perfectly in value.

With its elaborate templating system, you have a complete control over your boutique.

Sell online

Open Store simplifies the daily management of your online store with a back office where all features are centralized.

Save time on your daily administrative tasks to better sell and satisfy your customers.




Product entry

  • Detailed product specifications : Name, reference, main image and gallery, summary, long description, models or available options.
  • Add to a shopping list, downloadable documents, available references table and stock
  • Related products : Suggestion of similar or complementary products
  • HTML5 semantic and microdata (Google Structured Data Markup, Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card)
  • Labels display : Out of stock, promotion, sale price
  • Back office custom fields (product special features)


  • Categories : Mega menu and multi-level mobile menu. Accordion menu, treeview and drilldown
  • Search filters : Additional sorting criteria for your product features (managed by the properties)
  • List view features : Breadcrumb, customizable sorting, paging ,...
  • AJAX Load : Products list view dynamic loading
  • Display modes : Mosaic view and list view

Stock, delivery and shipping costs

  • Model level stock management
  • Minimum and maximum stock, status, replenishment date
  • Dimensions and weight of package


  • Associate suppliers/manufacturers to your products
  • Category level filters

Search engine

  • Keyword and reference product search
  • Unique layout for search results display

Store configuration


  • Offer several payment methods
  • Set available destinations, free shipping level
  • Automatic calculation of costs according to the delivery area
  • Fixed and progressive shipping costs according to weight
  • Customizable basket messages, notifications
  • Catalog mode (add to cart not available)

Shopping cart and payment

  • Step by step ordering
  • Configurable user login depending on the stage of the basket
  • Payment process in line with European legislation
  • Secure payment and SSL optimization (https :)
  • Many available payment gateways

Currency and taxes

  • Currency settings
  • Default tax rate configuration
  • Product or category level additional rates

Store management


  • Dashboard : Orders and status overview, products of the catalog and sales statistics
  • Responsive Back office and mobile friendly


  • Vouchers : Cart discount (promo codes)
  • Group promotions : Products group discount
  • Multi-Buy : Batch products discount
  • Fixed amount or percentage discount
  • Tariff rules

Featured products

  • Focus on a selection of products (managed by properties)
  • Home page : Product sliders, carousels


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the store/CMS
  • Product entries and categories SEO
  • Structured Data (JSON-LD), URL rewriting and images optimization

Orders management

  • Orders general overview
  • Status and date search
  • Order edition on customer request
  • Automatic and manual notifications
  • Order receipt and shipping label printing

Customers and sales

  • Account creation on the boutique
  • Customer account : Logins management, order tracking, address book and shopping lists
  • Customer permissions management (blocked account) and order history
  • Abandoned baskets : Create an order from a basket, get in touch with customer
  • Reseller prices


  • Store, emails, and merchant informations settings
  • Store settings, products and categories Import / Export
  • Database actions : Cleanup, deletion, reset
  • Debug mode

To go further

Entreprise Edition and branding

  • "White brand" back office
  • Multi-Store management from the same back office


  • Abandoned baskets
  • Product mass edit
  • Pickup places delivery
  • Customizable products
  • ...


  • Documentation : Manager’s manual,  developer and integrator guides
  • Forums and community
  • Professional support offers : Contact us

Help and Development

Audit, tests, advises, development of extensions...
Get help and advice from our experts.
Open Store is an open source e-commerce software since 2007, integrating the DNN CMS.


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